About Us

Our mission :
Share our passion with lovers of extra-virgin olive oil
Deliver high quality organic olive oil from the grove to your table

Create awareness about the costs and necessary rewards of organic extra virgin Olive Oil, produced with respect for Mother Nature
Make more people part of a chain from authentic and trustworthy olive farmers to as many households around the world as possible

In the twenty years that we now live in our finca in Tolóx, surrounded by Olive Groves, we have become close to many farmers. And we have become infected with their passion for natural food, respect for nature and taking responsibility for mother earth and what she provides.

In our shops you can find different sorts of olive oil from different olive varieties and farmers.

In Álora, we buy the organic olive oil from the organic mill, where all organic farmers from the village bring their organic Manzanilla Aloreña olives. They do not only produce olives to eat, but make Extra Virgin Olive Oil out of it as well. It’s acidity only 0,5%. It’s smooth, with a fresh smell of grass and a taste of almonds and apple. 

In El Burgo we have found a small family business with a closed chain of organic production, with harvest from the family groves in La sierra de las Nieves. The olive oil has a well balanced complexity, acidity of 0,29% and high levels of the antioxidant Oleocanthal.


Many Spanish Olive farmers are in trouble because of commercial parties that only buy for the lowest prices to get any kind of extra virgin olive oil in supermarkets, no matter what the consequenses for small family businesses. No interest for quality, quantity is all that matters. Therefor most olive oil that is sold in supermarkets does not come near the level of  quality of those made by the farmers that we know. 

Making beautiful olive oil is labour intensive and in our opinion that hard work deserves fair pricing. If we are not willing to pay authentic farmers a fair price for their beautiful olive oils, they will not be able preserve this product of nature with all health and culinairy benefits for us.
We want to give Spanish olive farmers the change to produce and sell in a cost-effective manner, without this being at the expense of the highest quality.