About Us

Farmers live around our Olivarera finca in Andalusia. Honest olive farmers, who have become our friends over the years. Every day they take care of their age-old trees in the way that generation-by-generation has happened. We call that ecological nowadays. They do not know better. This is how they have been taught and how they will teach their children. They have not become rich. These farmers never go on holiday. But they respect their trees and the soil they grow on and are grateful for every yield.

Ecological Extra Virgen Olive Oil

The farmers bring their annual harvest of Manzanilla olives to a nearby ecologically certified Coöperativa Olivarera. Under pressure from the increasing commercialization of the olive oil market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for local olive farmers to obtain a pure and high-quality olive oil from the consumer. There are many larger cooperatives that have more eye for profit margins. More than that they share the passion of the olive grower for a (h) fair product. The olive oil that is for sale in the Dutch supermarket is no longer remotely related to the olive oil that is bottled in Andalusia from the first cold press. If we do not watch out, the small farmers succumb to pressure. If that happens, Ecological Extra Virgen Olive Oil is much more difficult or no longer available.

Olivarera Olive tree adoption

In order to prevent this, Olivarera Nederland has conceived the plan to bring the olive oil directly onto the Dutch market without the intervention of third parties. For every sold drop of olive oil the farmer receives a compensation. Olivarera Nederland works in an open and honest way with Spanish olive farmers in Andalusia. A fair trade trade, where the farmer receives a fair price for a mouth-watering product
In addition, a adoption plan has been started, with which everyone can contribute to the continued existence of authentic olive oil production. Adopt an olive tree of sometimes more than 1000 years old and support the small olive farmer. An adoption includes the guaranteed purchase of 4 liters Extra Virgin Olive Oil per year. With the adoption of an olive tree, the farmer can continue to operate on a small scale without falling under the power of the big players on the olive oil market.

Ecologically certified using Olivarera

Several farmers have united in the aforementioned Cooperativa Olivarera. Within this, the quality of the processed olives and pressed olive oil are guarded with passion. This collaboration has resulted in the joint achievement of a European Ecological Certification, which is unaffordable for a small farmer. Olivarera understands that this certification helps with sales in the rest of Europe. With the adoption plan, Olivarera contributes to the Ecological Certification of individual farmers.