Adopt An Olive Tree

Adopt an olive tree! If every connoisseur would adopt an olive tree, that could well be the salvation of the independent small-scale olive farmer. Anyone who has tasted the (u) fair olive oil from Olivarera will never want anything else. Never again misunderstand in the kitchen. Never again without that layered, fruity velvety taste of the liquid Spanish green gold in many dishes. If a small farmer is forced to join the big commercialists, this splendid product will disappear.

Adopt an olive tree! How does it work?

  • You’re sure Olivarera Extra Virgin Olive Oil will suit you
  • That is why you decide to adopt an ecological olive tree in Álora , Tolox or El Burgo , in the province of Andalusia in Spain
  • You conclude an adoption agreement with Olivarera for the tree you choose online in the olive grove
  • You pay € 100, =
  • You will receive an adoption certificate with the specific coordinates of the adopted tree
  • A sign with your name will be placed on the tree
  • Your tree can be seen on Google Maps
  • During your holiday you will visit the tree and get to know the farmer
  • You will receive 1 liter of Extra Virgen Olive Oil every quarter , or in 1 time, if you wish. Ie 4 liters per year! (Retail value € 79.80)
  • With extra orders you get a 5% discount on the recommended price
  • The farmer receives for the maintenance of the tree and certification of his Olive grove extra € 10 or € 15, = (conditions vary per orchard)
  • Is the year over? Then you just start again at the top of this list