Recognize Quality

You can distinguish good olive oil yourself. Always check on the label when the oil is bottled. Ideally you use E.V.O.O. up to two years after bottling. Olive oil, also good Extra Virgin olive oil does not last forever. Special taste aspects of good olive oil are lost and that is a shame. Especially if you have high quality and precious olive oil in your hands.
Time for testing, everyone can do this. With the following tips you can discover for yourself whether you have a good olive oil.


Pour olive oil in a clean glass and warm it in one hand. By heating the oil a bit, the smell of the olive oil is released. Cover the top with the other and let the oil move back and forth in the glass. Bring your nose to the glass and breathe in calmly and for a long time.
Do not you smell anything? Then you probably have to deal with a refined, processed oil.
Does the stinginess meet you, like dirty socks or old fruit? Then the oil is about the date and can no longer be used.
Do you smell a nice fruity smell reminiscent of green olives? Then you have a good oil. Time to taste!


If the smell of the olive oil is good, you can continue with step 2 with peace of mind: take a sip! Do not swallow directly, just let your mouth go around and then swallow. Flavors like fruity, grass, apple, almond, (not too) bitter and sweet you want to taste in a good olive oil.
What is not good is the so-called defects in an olive oil of lesser quality: a dry woody or leafy taste, or something reminiscent of earth or metal.

High-quality olive oil is often a bit bitter and has a sharp taste. You feel stimulating in the back of your throat. You can see this effect with fresh olive oil and the presence of certain antioxidants. If your olive oil tastes like vinegar or wine, it usually means that the olives were already fermented at the time of the press. In that case, too long waiting with milling after picking.

Olivarera olive oil:
Low acidity (0.5%), sublime taste and fruity aroma

Who once tasted Olivarera olive oil wants nothing else. Both the aroma and the taste of this superior oil is so different from what one is used to. Due to the low acid content of 0.5%, the oil is mild in taste with fruit notes and a hint of almond. Be seduced, join a growing company of happy gourmets!