Why Olivarera

(H) honest olive oil = Delicious and Honest

There is no dispute about taste. You have olive oil, tasty olive oil and (h) fair olive oil. The maximum acidity of Extra Virgin olive oil is 0.8%. That of Olivarera Olive oil from Alora, for example, is lower than that, at 0.5%. That explains the remarkably soft taste.

In the large-scale production of olive oil taste is not the most important thing. With clever tricks an oil is produced in a cunning way, which is much less pure. Yet it may carry the name Extra Virgen. In practice, the oil is not as virgin as the large-scale producers prevent. Qualitatively lesser oil is ‘refined’ in a ‘refined’ way and by adding 10 to 15% & nbsp; E.V.O.O. again some flavored. In terms of composition, taste and properties it has nothing to do with real Extra Virgen olive oil.

Support for fair olive farmers

The olive farmers with whom Olivarera cooperates do nothing more than deliver a pure quality product. Olivarera wants these farmers to do in peace, without fear of their survival, what they can do best and offer their beautiful product directly on the Dutch market. The farmers receive a fair price for their olive oil, which Olivarera does not further process and delivers to you according to their standards. Olivarera challenges you to compare an Extra Virgen Olive Oil from your supermarket with the Extra Virgen Olive Oil from Olivarera, linea recta from the cold press at the Spanish farmer, on the table in the Netherlands. Betting that even the biggest layman smells and tastes the difference . You really never want anything else!

In summary:

    • Olivarera prefers quality above quantity
    • Olivarera pays the farmer a fair price for (fair) olive oil
    • The sponsor plan Adopt an olive tree Olivarera offers the small-scale farmers the prospect of a safe future
    • The taste of Olivarera E.V.O.O. with a low acid content of 0.5% is so much more pleasant than what is for sale in the supermarket
    • Olivarera cares about the future of the farmers and their traditional renovation and small-scale processing of olives
    • Olivarera helps to ensure that E.V.O.O. of this quality